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Lee Ciccarelli

Lee Ciccarelli

Lee Ciccarelli is the founder and managing partner of Ciccarelli Law Offices with over two decades experience as a practicing attorney.

Joshua Tebay

Joshua Tebay

Joshua Tebay is an experienced attorney and former prosecutor licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Timothy Kraeer

Timothy Kraeer

Timothy Kraeer is a highly experienced traffic attorney who handles related criminal and civil matters across the state.

Ann DelCollo

Ann DelCollo

Since 1992, Ann has been advocating for her clients both in and out of tough courtrooms of Philadelphia, which has cultivated her craft.

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White Collar Crime

"White collar crimes" can refer to any number of nonviolent criminal offenses that involve obtaining financial gain through fraud, deceit, misrepresentation or other forms of deception. Financial crime constantly evolves with the times, and is hitting new frontiers with the Internet Age.

White collar crime has serious penalties, and can involve complicated matters. It's important that your attorney understand these issues and be able to build a strong defense.

West Chester White Collar Lawyer

For charges of fraud, embezzlement, forgery, identity theft or any other offense that involves theft by deception, you can turn to the team at Ciccarelli Law Offices to fight for your rights. When you hire a West Chester white collar lawyer at Ciccarelli Law Offices, you are hiring a team of attorneys who pool their resources together to develop the best possible defense strategy for you. In difficult matters like financial crimes, that can make a big difference. Call us today at (610) 719-3200 to set up a consultation.

If you face white collar charges anywhere in the Philadelphia region, including in Chester County, Lancaster County, Delaware County or Montgomery County, you can turn to us. We have offices conveniently located in West Chester, Philadelphia, Kennett Square, Lancaster, Malvern, King of Prussia, Springfield, Radnor and Plymouth Meeting.

Pennsylvania White Collar Crime Information

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Pennsylvania Fraud Charges

Credit Card Fraud (Pa. Cons. Stat. Title 18 § 4106)

 Under Pennsylvania Code, credit cards, debit cards and ATM cards are called "access devices," and any fraud utilizing them is called "access device fraud." Under law, it is illegal to:

  • Use a forged credit card or debit card;
  • Use another person's card without that person's consent;
  • Use a credit card or debit card that has been revoked or canceled; or
  • Forging, assisting in the forgery of or even possessing a counterfeit card.

You are presumed to know that a card is counterfeit if prosecutors can prove you possessed two or more counterfeit cards. You are presumed to know a card has been canceled if prosecutors can prove you attempted to use it seven days after receiving notice of the cancellation.

If the amount you are alleged to have defrauded is less than $50, it is a second degree misdemeanor. If less than $500, it is a first degree misdemeanor. If more, it is a third-degree felony.

Insurance Fraud (Pa. Cons. Stat. Title 18 § 4117)

An accusation of defrauding an insurance company can lead to insurance fraud charges. Pennsylvania's insurance fraud statute covers covering false claims, filing misleading claims or assisting by filing false statements. It cover homeowner's insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance or any other type of insurance. It also covers using a false name to try to use another person's insurance policy.

Most cases of insurance fraud are a third degree felony.

Forgery (Pa. Cons. Stat. Title 18 § 4101)

Forgery accusations involve either altering or fabricating a document for person gain, or to use in another criminal offense. It includes a number of documents, as well as prescriptions.

The grading of a forgery offense depends on what you are alleged to have forged. It is a second degree felony if the forged materials were money, postage, food stamps, government securities, stocks, bonds or anything representing an interest in a company. It is a third degree felony if the forged material was a will, contract, deed or other document that affects legal relations.

Anything else is a first degree misdemeanor.

Identity Theft (Pa. Cons. Stat. Title 18 § 4120)

Possessing or using the identifying information of another person without his or her consent with the intent of furthering any unlawful purpose is identity theft. Each instance of identity theft is counted as a separate offense. Identity theft charges often come along with other fraud charges, and you may face punishment for those, too.

 If the amount allegedly defrauded through the identity theft comes to less than $2,000, then it is a first-degree misdemeanor. If any more, it is a third-degree felony. If the victim was 60 or older, the charges go up to a third-degree felony or a second-degree felony.

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Other White Collar Charges in Chester County


There is no statutory offense of embezzlement in Pennsylvania code, but the term embezzlement is used to refer to a number of offenses that involve theft when one is entrusted with property, money or anything else of value and misappropriates it. In many settings, this takes place on the job, but it can also take place in volunteer settings.

The type of charge depends on the amount prosecutors can prove you stole. Anything more than $2,000 is a felony.

Bad Checks (Pa. Cons. Stat. Title 18 § 4105)

You could be convicted of this offense if prosecutors can prove you wrote a check knowing there were insufficient funds in your account, unless you pay within 10 days of receiving notice of the check's refusal. And bad check charge could be in addition to theft charges.

If the check was for less than $200, then it is a summary offense. If between $200 and $500, it is a second degree misdemeanor. If between $500 and $1,000, it is a first degree misdemeanor. Any bad check for more than $75,000 is a third degree felony.

Tampering with Records or Identification (Pa. Cons. Stat. Title 18 § 4104)

It is a first-degree misdemeanor to falsify, destroy, remove or conceal any document, distinguishing mark or brand with the intent of deceiving or injuring someone or concealing some other wrongdoing.

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Punishment for Southeastern Pennsylvania Financial Crimes

  • Second Degree Felony: Maximum of 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine
  • Third Degree Felony: Maximum of seven years in prison and a $15,000 fine
  • First Degree Misdemeanor: Maximum of five years in jail and a $10,000 fine
  • Second Degree Misdemeanor: Maximum of two years in jail and a $5,000 fine
  • Third Degree Misdemeanor: Maximum of one year in jail and a $2,000 fine
  • Summary Offense: Maximum of 90 days in jail and a $300 fine

In many cases, a white collar offense will be accompanied by other charges, like theft. Your West Chester criminal defense attorney can represent you on all charges you face.

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Defending Against West Chester Fraud Accusations

If you are accused of any type of financial crime, including fraud or forgery, a West Chester white collar crime lawyer from Ciccarelli Law Offices can represent you. Our team of attorneys puts our combined experience to work fighting for you. We represent those throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including in Norristown, Exton, Downingtown, Aston and Coastesville. Call us today at (610) 719-3200 to set up a consultation with our criminal defense lawyers.


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