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Lee Ciccarelli

Lee Ciccarelli is the founder and managing partner of Ciccarelli Law Offices with over two decades experience as a practicing attorney.

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Joshua Tebay

Joshua Tebay is an experienced attorney and former prosecutor licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Timothy Kraeer

Timothy Kraeer is a highly experienced traffic attorney who handles related criminal and civil matters across the state.

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Ann DelCollo

Since 1992, Ann has been advocating for her clients both in and out of tough courtrooms of Philadelphia, which has cultivated her craft.

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Criminal Case Results

At Ciccarelli Law Offices, we strive to be worthy of the trust our clients have placed in us throughout the years. Our clients appreciate our unwavering commitment towards transparency and their freedom. We have created this page to illustrate just a small sample of the cases we have represented throughout the years in Pennsylvania. This includes misdemeanor and felony cases in Chester County, Lancaster County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

We invite you to contact our firm to learn more about potential defenses and outcomes in your specific case. Please call (610) 719-3200 or send an online message via our website’s contact form to learn more during a free, comprehensive consultation.

Case summaries reflect the results of Ciccarelli Law Offices including Lee Ciccarelli and members of our legal team while employed by Ciccarelli Law Offices. Results vary and each criminal case is factually unique and these results are not indicative of future cases.

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DUI Defense

Charges: Vehicular Homicide – DUI
County: Chester County
Outcome: Serious Charges Withdrawn
Summary: Client was facing three-year mandatory state sentence on charges of Vehicular Homicide-DUI Related after an intersection collision in Chester County where our client allegedly drove into an intersection at or near the changing of the yellow light to red, causing a collision and fatality. Police sought blood test analysis that showed trace amounts of marijuana.

Despite no evidence that client had been smoking or ingesting marijuana the day of the collision, Chester County District Attorney's office sought to prosecute as a DUI related Vehicular Homicide with state jail time. Our legal team was successful in obtaining a forensic expert to refute the Commonwealth's claim that our client was under the influence of marijuana or impaired by prior marijuana use at the time of the accident. We were successful in obtaining a withdrawal of the serious DUI-related Vehicular Homicide count.

Charges: First Offense DUI
County: Chester County
Outcome: ARD Program
Summary: First Offense DUI offender facing mandatory jail time and one year license suspension placed on first time offender program (ARD program) after initially being denied and we were successful on obtaining reconsideration from DA's Office.

Charges: Fourth Offense DUI
County: Lycoming County
Outcome: Jury Trial Acquittal
Summary: Our client was facing 4th offense of DUI, and was found passed out and bleeding in his car along the road followed what appeared to be a one car accident. Following him being taken to the hospital, the police obtained blood alcohol results approaching 0.30 percent. At trial we emphasized his state of intoxication and obtained an emphatic opinion by the police that he was so intoxicated that he was too intoxicated to drive; and then followed that cross examination with the introduction of two witnesses that verified that he was not in fact the driver of the vehicle and that the driver ran off after the accident.

Charges: Driving While Suspended - DUI Related 1543(b)
Outcome: Charge Reduced
County: Chester County
Summary: Our client was facing a minimum of sixty to ninety days of incarceration for driving on a license that was suspended because of a conviction for DUI (Driving While under the Influence of Alcohol). Despite the evidence mount against him by the Commonwealth, we were able to negotiate to a reduced citation with no jail time.  

Charges: Driving While Intoxicated (DUI)
Outcome: ARD & Dismissal
County: Delaware County
Summary: Our client was facing a driving while intoxicated offense in Delaware County and was original denied admission to the ARD program by the District Attorney’s Office because of what they viewed as inappropriate facts (i.e. high blood, accident, etc.). Despite the denial, we did not give up and sought a reconsideration of their decision and convinced the DA’s office to grant ARD and allow for the eventual dismissal of his DUI charges at the end of the program. 

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Traffic Crime Defense

Charges: Hit and Run, Driving While License Suspended (1543a), Driving Without Registration
Outcome: Dismissal of Serious Traffic Charges
County: Chester County
Summary: Client retained us to contest serious traffic citations in Thorndale, Chester County, PA. At the traffic trial, The Commonwealth failed to provide sufficient evidence and all charges were dismissed.

Charges: Overtaking School Bus Citations
Outcome: Case Dismissed to No Points Violation
County: Chester County
Summary: Client was facing sixty (60) day loss of license on citation for Overtaking School Bus. At trial, we were successful in arguing her case and get case dismissed to no points violation.

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Drug Charge Defense

Charges: Possession with Intent to Deliver; Drug Trafficking of Marijuana; Conspiracy
Outcome: Successful Negotiation
County: Lycoming County
Summary: Client was facing tens of years of incarceration for conspiring to deliver hundreds of pounds of marijuana in marijuana operation involving smuggling of marijuana from Caribbean to Florida to Pennsylvania. Lee Ciccarelli was successful in getting sentence reduced to minimal incarceration at a low security facility based on negotiated plea and sentencing argument for downward departure because of client's established diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while serving in military.

Charges: Possession with Intent to Deliver (PWID)
Outcome: Jury Acquittal on All Counts
County: Delaware County
Summary: Jury Acquittal on Drug dealing PWID charges against client after police pulled over vehicle that had his jacket in back seat and defense successfully argued that Commonwealth could not proof that he maintained control/possession of jacket at time that drugs were placed there. In this case, our client was following a friend in a second car and pulled over to the side of the road after his friend's car was stopped by the police.

At the time, our client was not stopped and was not required to stop. The police stopped and questioned the friend and searched his vehicle, finding a leather jacket which contained money and drugs. The friend stated that the jacket belonged to our client. The police charged our client with drug related charges after he questioned our client and our client admitted that the jacket was his. At trial, the officer admitted that our client did not admit to possessing the drugs and that he could not rule out that the driver of the car or some other party placed the drugs in the jacked belonging but in possession of the other driver.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana, Cultivation of Marijuana  
Outcome: Motion to Suppress Evidence Granted, Charges Dismissed
County: Chester County

Summary: Suppression of possession cultivation because of illegal search and seizure: Client facing felony charges for cultivating marijuana in his house using hydroponic grow lights following a domestic spat with his girlfriend that resulted in the girlfriend contacting the police and alleging abuse, but not mentioning the marijuana growing. In this case the police surrounded the house and called for the defendant to enter. Despite having the opportunity to obtain a warrant while the surrounded the house, they decided to enter the premises without his permission, finding more than one hundred marijuana plants and associated paraphernalia used in the cultivation of marijuana.

Following our entry in the case, we filed a Motion to Suppress the Evidence based on the police's illegal search and seizure. After a detailed evidentiary hearing, the Court reluctantly acknowledged that the police had usurped their authority and illegally entered onto the property without cause or a warrant. Suppression Motion was granted and the charges were dismissed.

Charges: Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana Paraphernalia
Outcome: Charges Dismissed
County: Chester County
Summary: At preliminary hearing for small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia, we were successful in arguing her case and get marijuana and paraphernalia charges dismissed.

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Violent Crime Defense

Charges: Felony Kidnapping, Terroristic Threats, Attempted Homicide
Outcome: Felony charges dismissed, reduced to simple assault
County: Chester County
Successful Outcome: Client charged with Felony Kidnapping, Terroristic Threats and Attempted Homicide charges after he allegedly attacked his girlfriend in their shared apartment, made her undress and get in bathtub and then threaten to drop charged appliance in tub if she did not promise to stay with him. Felony charges were dismissed and reduced to simple assault after preliminary hearing cross examination that showed that alleged victim was not restrained from leaving the apartment and after her confession that they had consensual "makeup sex" after the alleged attempt on her life but doubt in the District Attorneys' mind as to the veracity of her original story.

Charges: Weapons Charges; Aggravated Assault
Outcome: Federal Jury Trial Acquittal
County: Union County
Summary: Our client was charged with having a “shiv” or homemade knife, which was found in a shoe in his shared jail cell. The Correctional Officers searched the cell after they had heard rumors of a “payback”. After finding the shiv, they transported client for interrogation and he was asked if it was his and he replied, “Yeah, it’s mine.” The legality of the admission was contested by the defense and at the suppression hearing, the officer admitted that even after client “admitting” to the charges, he continued to question client because he didn’t believe him.

At trial, we successfully scrutinized the government’s testimony, that they failed to do any fingerprint analysis on the shiv or the shoe that it was allegedly found in, establish who’s shoe the shiv was found in, or otherwise rule out the bunkmate, who happened to be waiting for a prison transfer near his home and who’s transfer would be canceled if he was facing charges. Our defense was that Correctional Officer’s hunch was right and client was covering for the bunk mate. Jury Acquittal on all charges.

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Sex Crime Defense

Charges: Rape, Forcible Compulsion
Outcome: Successful Negotiation on Serious Sex Charges
County: Lancaster County
Summary: Client was facing Lancaster County prosecution for Rape: Forcible Compulsion and Commonwealth was seeking state jail sentence. Our legal team was successful in contesting the charges and negotiating a dismissal of the forcible compulsion charge and an agreement to lesser charges.

Charges: Child Pornography
Outcome: Successful Defense in Child Pornography Allegations
County: Chester County
Summary: Client retained our services on an investigative basis before the filing of charges. Client was notified that police appeared at his shared apartment with search warrant seeking computers that might contact illegal digital images. Rather than subject to himself to police interrogation, our office was retained and was successful in preventing the filing of the charges. We were also successful in convincing the police that they could not signal out our client as knowingly possessing or distributing the illegal content or rule out the possibility that a third party had access to his computer.

Charges: Sexual Assault
Outcome: Acquittal on Institutional Sexual Assault Charges after Commencement of Jury Trial.  
County: Lancaster County
Summary: Commonwealth alleged that their victim, who was at all relevant times in a correctional facility was seduced by an older correctional officer and had sexual episodes at the detention facility. A member of our legal team was successful at the preliminary hearing to cross examine the victim and put some doubt into her testimony, but still allow the matter to proceed to trial. At trial, our team was successful on cross examination by putting into question the feasibility of the victim's story, which ultimately resulted in the victim refusing to answer any further questions. As a result, the Trial judge granted our motion to find for the defense and our client was acquitted.

Charges: Rape, Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse
Outcome: Jury Acquittal on all Charges
County: Delaware County
Summary: Our client was charged with having in appropriate sexual conduct with a minor child based on the allegations of the victim's family member. At trial, the defense was able to show that the family member did not actually see any inappropriate contact by the defendant, that the victim's accusations only followed the family member improperly coaching her how to answer the police questioning, and that the medical evaluation of the victim did not support a finding of sexual abuse.

Charges: Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse, Corruption of Minors and related charges
Outcome: Case Dismissed After Filing of Habeas Motion
County: Monroe County
Summary: Client accused of inappropriate sexual charges involving minor girl. At preliminary hearing, Commonwealth testimony did not support charges but Magistrate unwilling to grant dismissal. Following Filing of habeas Motion, case was dismissed.

Charges: Involuntary Deviant Sexual Intercourse (Rape)
Outcome: Charges Reduced
County:   Chester County
Summary: Our client, who was 18, was in a relationship with a younger girl and Commonwealth sought to convict him on rape charges. Despite overwhelming evidence in support of their initial charges, we were able to negotiate a dismissal of the more serious charges in exchange for a plea on lesser charges.

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Domestic Violence Defense

Charges: Simple Assault; Harassment; Stalking
Outcome: Charges Dismissed
County: Chester County
Summary: Client facing domestic violence charges in Chester County and we were successful at the preliminary hearing in arguing that the family had resolved their differences. District Attorney agreed to dismiss the criminal assault charges after a ninety day cooling off period.

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Property Crime Defense

Charges: Burglary
Outcome: Jury Trial Acquittal
County: Chester County
Summary: Jury Trial Acquittal on Burglary charges arising from co-defendant getting high with Defendant who fled jurisdiction; DA decided to prosecute client after he cooperated and jury refused to convict him. Our client was charged with Burglary and related offenses arising out of an incident in Chester County where he and the co-defendant got high and then decided to rob a college student for money for more drugs.

At the time our client was going through a period of addiction and he was present and witnessed the co-defendant actively threaten the student and take his money. Later, our client was arrested and the co-defendant fled. Our client obtained drug treatment and cooperated with the police. After the District Attorney's office decided that they could not find the co-defendant, they decided to proceed on all charges against our client, despite his cooperation, his reduced involvement and his new found sobriety. At trial, we were successful in using an empty chair defense and question the district attorney's office decision not to find and prosecute the individual that even the victims acknowledged was the active participant in this crime. The jury dismissed the most serious burglary charges against our client.

Charges: Retail Theft, First Offense
Outcome: Charges Dismissed
County: Chester County
Summary: Client facing first offense retail theft charges. At preliminary hearing we are successful in arguing client's case and get misdemeanor charges dismissed in exchange for agreement to participate in shoplifting class.

Charges: Retail Theft Charges
Outcome: Acquittal
County:   Chester County
Summary: Our client was facing shoplifting or retail theft charges for allegedly attempting to steal items from a WaWa convenience store in Chester County. At the hearing, we were able to show that he did not actually attempt to leave the store and was not given an opportunity to purchase the item, a bag of chips before being approached by store security. 

Charges: Retail Theft Appeal
Outcome: Dismissal
County: Chester County
Summary: Our client plead guilty to a summary citation of retail theft, not realizing that this crime of dishonesty would stay on her record and possibility impact her ability to get into school or obtain employment. Despite, not contacting us until after the thirty day appeal period, we were successful in obtaining an Appeal Nunc Pro Tunc (permission to file a late appeal) and was successful in getting the retail theft charge dismissed, and then expunged from her record.

Charges: Felony Criminal Trespass
Outcome: Charges Dismissed
County: Chester County
Summary: Our client was charged with felony criminal trespass charges by mother of his girlfriend. Client insists that he was invited by girlfriend but mother is unhappy of his race and girlfriend is afraid to anger her mom. At the preliminary hearing, the mother and daughter's testimony sounded unbelievable and the District Magistrate Judge Dismissed the Charges at the preliminary hearing level.

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Juvenile Defense

Charges: Possession of Controlled Substances (Marijuana), Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Outcome: Juvenile Court Acquittal
County: Chester County
Summary: Juvenile was facing possession of controlled substances (marijuana) and drug paraphernalia in Chester County. Juvenile was acquitted of the charges at a Chester County juvenile court hearing after we were successfully in cross examining Commonwealth's witnesses and rebutting their initial testimony incriminating our client of drug related charges.

Charges: Possession with Intent to Deliver (cocaine), Criminal Conspiracy, Criminal use of a Communication Facility
Outcome: Juvenile Detention Hearing Victory
County: Lancaster County
Summary: Juvenile Client facing charges of PWID (cocaine), Conspiracy and Criminal Use of a Communication Facility charges and was detained in a detention facility. Legal team was successful in obtaining his freedom from detention and referral to a treatment facility pending a juvenile court adjudication hearing.

Charges: Possession, Consumption, Transportation or Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor
Outcome: Acquittal on Underage Drinking Charges at West Chester University
County: Chester County
Summary: Our client, a West Chester University Student retained us after being citing for Possession, Consumption, Transportation or Purchase of Alcohol by a Minor; following an incident where she attempted to gain entry to her dorm room. At the Magisterial District Court Judge hearing, the West Chester Security acknowledged that she did not look intoxicated or smell of alcohol but that they had decided to unilaterally test the dorm room students returning to their rooms on weekends. We argued that this barring entry into their domicile was tantamount to a constitutional violation and the judge found our client not guilty.

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